Interior Design Consultancy

Individual spaces and apartments up to  50 sqm.

500 euro


IDC up to 50 is your online service of consultancy.  We’ll design an interior design project for your apartment or the space you indicate up to 50sqm.

Designed for those who have little time or who can’t go to an architectural firm, we offer the possibility to get a project with all the information required to renovate your own space.


What does the consultancy include?

  • a call to get to know your wishes and needs.
  • a graphic file in PDF format as per example.
  • shopping list with purchase references.
  • a call with the clients to introduce the project and reply to potential questions from the client.

How does it work?

Send an e-email to with:


  • a brief description of your needs.
  • a measured plan of the space subject to changes 
  • some pictures of the space

This kind of consultancy doesn’t include visits on-site or construction management. In case you need this service, please contact us at to custom your consultancy.