Milano Design Week 2023

On the occasion of Design Week 2023, Opus Atelier opens the doors of its studio to the public, showing what happens every day behind the scenes of the creative process. The installation wants to turn on the lights and tell the work behind a project: the immaterial. To do this, the installation was divided into three representative rooms of the design process: Thought, Matter, Work. Everything that has been achieved has involved small artisans, suppliers and workers, using recycled or waste materials in order to give light to small realities, creating human rather than economic exchanges of thought, capable of giving strength to a small economy circular and sustainable.


The first room represents the design phase. The moment in which ideas, references, inspirations, technical solutions and executive drawings come together through an installation that is a metaphor for the quantity of inputs that animate the design of a project. The table in the center welcomes only part of all the drawings produced, from the initial sketches to the concepts, final projects alternate with executive drawings. The time and process of research and coordination of all this rarely reaches the eyes of the public who perceives only a final photo, an image that never sufficiently tells the whole process.


In a project there always comes a phase in which from ideas we move on to the choice of materials, which do not always present themselves in their final essence. The second room houses a central sculpture made up of different materials, some still half raw and half worked as in the case of the travertine volume. The wise and forward-looking combination of these elements can itself become a work of art and give life to the final project.


The result of the entire creative process is celebrated in the third room with the setting up of an environment in which ideas and materials give shape to atmospheres and symbolic objects of the conceptual and aesthetic canons of Opus atelier.

Type:  Installation for Milano Design week 2023

Design: OPUS atelier

Year: 2023

Area: 75 mq

Address: Milan, Italy

Photography: ┬ęDario De Sirianna