MWI Clizia


In Greek mythology, Clizia is a water-lily who, turned down by the Sun God, spends her days following the path with her sight, until, consumed by the pain, she turns into a sunflower. From here it borns the project of this capsule collection in a limited edition designed by the architect Maura Pinto, in collaboration with Walter Terrruso.

The use of pure forms and natural materials, calacatta marble and brass, are the basis on which the Italian artisans work to realize these works. Entirely customizable, they create light atmospheres in the space they’re hosted in.  

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MWI Clizia Collection

Type: Lamp capsule collection

Design: Maura Pinto

Team: Maura Pinto, Walter Terruso

Year: 2019

Photography: ©Dario De Sirianna