OVI  |  Opus VI

In the Apulian countryside, immersed in the cherry and grain fields, Casa Caroseno takes place, a rural villa built in the late 50s that is brought back to life through a hospitality project.

The design consists of the revised existing building, a  new-built dependence, a path net through the garden and the swimming pool, all surrounded by solid tuff walls. The main building, which was presented with an anonymous style, not coherent with the ‘genius loci’, is revisited from all sides. On the front facade, a porch is introduced, a sort of narthex that welcomes the guest, generating a transition space between the inside and the outside, typical of the architectural Apulian culture. 

The villa is made of two units that can be combined into one through a shared door. The first one consists of a living room, a bathroom and a double bedroom with the main entry through the porch. The second unit, whose entry is opened on the building side, consists of a dining/kitchen area, a double bedroom and a bathroom.The dependence with its pitched roof, quote of the typical Valle d’Itria  ‘cummerse’ buildings, presented as a minimal space, is made of an open space where a spacious living room is located to host events and an appendix is annexed on the right-hand side which contains the kitchen amenities such as ovens and stone-fired ovens.

The finish choices follow the language linked to the environment, but, at the same time contemporary, through the use of plasters and clay-coloured resins and natural materials like stones and timber for the finishes.Inside the garden, where the seasons succeed on other through the expression of the typical local tree species, the swimming pool takes place surrounded by a terraced-steps system that operates as a convivial space during the night hours and relax under the sunlight.


Type: Holiday home

Year: 2021 – under construction

Area: 240 mq

Address: Conversano (BA) , Italy

Client: Private