O VIII  |  Opus VIII

The apartment located in the Città Studi area in Milan is located on the top floor of a 1950s complex.

The client is a young professional who wanted a convivial space full of light for her apartment. It was immediately thought of maximizing the entry of light and visually dilating the space of the entrance, knocking down the wall that divided the previous kitchen, and creating a partition in wood and glass. In this way the two spaces were brought into visual contact, enlarging their perception. The kitchen, designed to dialogue with the air of the living room, is covered in forest green marble which takes up the green theme of the partition and the boiserie that runs throughout the house. While the original wooden floor has been preserved throughout the rest of the apartment, a light-colored resin has been introduced in the kitchen and bathroom.

The bathroom is presented as a neutral space, resin coated on the walls and floors, the only tone that warms the environment is represented by the use of ribbed walnut wood for the custom bathroom furniture.

The bedroom has an entire wall intended to house the wardrobes and a small study corner, all specially designed and made to measure.

Type: Apartment renovation

Year: 2022

Area: 50 m²

Address: Milano , Italy

Client: Private