O X  |  Opus X

Located in the early 900s noble mansion, in the historical Via Vincenzo Monti in Milan, this apartment is home to a young couple. The design for this space is based on the research of a balance between the minimalist-contemporary language and the historical one of the buildings it takes place into. The house layout initially saw the space split into several rooms, differently dimensioned and shaped. The first operation has been to free the entry space, demolishing the wall that split the entry from the first room on the right-hand side.  With this gesture the house has immediately gained brightness and tridimensionality, giving birth to a generous living area with close contact to the dining and kitchen areas. The division between the day and night area is set by the majestic pivot door, bespoke designed in walnut, that, once opened, leads you into a dark-coloured distribution area to the private room and the bathroom. This one sees the presence of the shower box which is shared between the clients’ bathroom and the guests’. Two canned-glazed doors let the entry into the shower from both sides and let the guests’ bathroom be illuminated even though without openings to the outdoor. The master bedroom has a bespoke wardrobe clad with mirrors on the outside and oak timber on the inside.

Type: Apartment renovation

Year: 2021

Area: 85 mq

Address: Via Vincenzo Monti, Milano – Italy

Client: Private